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Tips For Success

10 things you should keep in mind before a job interview

Displaying a positive attitude during a job interview can determine whether you get the job you long for in a company.Below are some tips that can help you in your interview:

01) Arrive at the interview 10 minutes before the arranged time, so that you have time to calm down.

02) Walk confidently and shake the interviewer's hand when greeting.

03) Wait until the interviewer tells you to sit down.

04) Don't smoke or chew gum. Doing so will be an obstacle for effective conversation.

05) Address the interviewer by his surname never by his first name, unless he is a personal friend.

06) Place your belongings on the floor or on your lap. Avoid invading the interviewer's personal space by placing your things on his desk.

07) Pay attention to the interviewer, ask important and pertinent questions questions with respect to the position available, but avoid asking about holidays or salary increases.

08) Remain calm and confident. Don't be defensive. Avoid behavior such as biting your lips and sudden and repetitive movements of your limbs. In addition, avoid fillers when you express yourself.

09) When leaving, shake the interviewer's hand again and thank him for his time. This is the perfect time to ask what the next step is and when it needs to be done.

10) In the final interview and when negotiating salary and fringe benefits, be confident with respect to your financial interests. Have some flexibility when negotiating. You have an optimum position at this stage, since the company is interested in your services.

Basic Goal

For the Company, the interview is mainly a face-to-face encounter to ascertain the candidate's suitability for a specific positionThey try to gauge if the candidate has the specific skills that meet the profile required for the position offered. It is also important to find out the personal style, temperament and social skills the candidate has, as well as his strong and weak points with respect to the other candidates.

Preparation for the Job Interview

Before the Interview

  • It is important to know the location of the interview as well as the interview time. .
  • Be punctual. If you are delayed for any reason, you should notify the Company promptly.
  • Wear proper attire. Dress somewhat better than usual, but don't overdo it.
  • Think about your skills and qualities.
  • Have clear professional objectives.
  • Know what function you want to carry out in the Company.
  • Know what you can contribute to the Company..
  • To be able to talk about the Company Collect all possible information about the Company through the general or specialized press or by requesting this information directly to the Company itself, in business associations, Chambers of Commerce, the Internet, the Web Site, etc. Once you have gathered together all the information about the company, you have to analyze it to have an idea about its activity, its importance in the economic sector it pertains to, its image, its progress and future.

    Questions to Ask

  • · Company's sector of activity.
  • · Its staff.
  • . Corporate culture and style.
  • · Its directors.
  • · Its extensiveness nationwide and abroad.
  • · Its products and brands.
  • · Its business volume.
  • · Its competitors.
  • · Its advertising campaigns.
  • · Its main sales successes.
  • In conclusion, being well prepared is indispensable for you to stand out in your job interview from the rest of the candidates for the job you want.

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